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Nutritional Consultation


Good nutrition is the cornerstone to good health.  I will assess your health, diet and lifestyle to develop a programme of dietary therapy and nutritional supplements designed to meet your body’s needs.

What to Expect

I’ll will give you a health analysis form to complete prior to your appointment.  I will then review your completed form before we meet. During the initial consultation I’ll ask a range of health, lifestyle and food intake questions, to understand the full picture of your current health and nutritional requirements. (Please note: no medical diagnoses can be made.)

After creating your personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan, I’ll then arrange the walkthrough of your plan to guide you through dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. I’ll will help you embed changes and work towards your health goals.

1st consultation, 45 minutes,  €40

Follow-up consultations as required, 3o minutes, €30

Sensitivity / Allergy Testing

Is healthy eating important? Of course! Like a finely-tuned racing car, your body needs the right fuel (food) and regular maintenance (exercise, lifestyle and mental attitude) to achieve its true health potential.


Nothing is more important than healthy eating! Put in the wrong fuel or let it go without regular use and there’s no way it can deliver its full power and performance. Without healthy eating, your body’s engine will cough, splutter and eventually stall.

The major causes of illness in which diet and nutrition play an important role include, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, IBS, inflammatory conditions, obesity, some forms of cancer, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, gall bladder disease, dementia and nutritional anaemias.

I have partnered up with, Healthy Stuff, who offer excellent accurate blood testing and sensitivity testing in the areas of nutrition, digestion, hormones and fertility. Appropriate tests can help to more quickly identify underlying causes and determine appropriate recommendations for you.

Please contact me for more detailed information on this.

Test Tubes
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