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About me..

Hello there, and welcome to MIND BODY SOUL Holistic Therapies. 

I am of the belief that in order to have a ‘healthy balance’, we need to look after or ‘align’ our Mind, Body and Soul.  I have been on a personal journey for many years to find natural solutions which combine our whole health.  I do believe that we can help our mental and physical health/well-being by being mindful – by encouraging words to ourselves, having good quality foods, looking at how and what we eat and by learning to relax.  A very important part, is taking ‘time out’.  We all need a recharge and a re-boost for our systems.

My own personal journey began when I was presented with Psoriasis at the age of 13, which led me to investigate and study the benefits of a combined approach. I had little success with conventional medicine, so I started researching alternative methods.  Although, these helped in the short-term, there seemed to be no long term solution.  Back in 2007, I left my steady desk job to travel with a friends around the World.  I had many wonderful experiences, the most memorable being in India, Nepal and Tibet.  It was in India I first discovered the effects of a combined approach with Ayurvedic Medicine, which has been used for around 3-5,000 years and is non-invasive and non-toxic, allowing it to be used safely as a complementary treatment or along side conventional medicine.  Ayurveda's goal is prevention against dis-ease (which is seen as an imbalance) as well as re-establishing balance and harmony in the body’s systems.  When I visited Nepal, I had the opportunity to do a trek (by jeep, not walking!) to Everest Base Camp which was exhilarating and for the first time in a long time, allowed my mind to be free from thoughts and worries.  The sense of space and beauty was unmatched from anything I had felt before.  Travelling on to Tibet, I had the opportunity to visit many holy temples and monasteries, watching the Tibetan Monks chanting.  This chanting prepares the mind for meditation, which they do for hours upon hours each week.  With all this information and the first hand-experience of which I had seen, really led me to believe that we all need that healthy balance in our busy life.  It was a huge discovery for me to realise that our mind, body and soul are really connected and by treating them together, we can achieve that healthy balance which we all need!

After arriving back home, I settled back into office life but could not shake off my interest for what I had seen and experienced.  I finally took a leap of faith to study full time in alternative treatments moving to England in 2010.  I re-trained in Anatomy and Psychology, Diet and Nutrition, Swedish Body Massage, Sports Techniques Massage, Hot Sone Massage and and Reflexology.  I also studied the benefits of Colour Therapy and Crystal Healing and qualified in Beauty in NVQ Levels 2 and 3.  I am qualified as a Colonic Hydrotherapy and PTTLS Teacher & Trainer which may come in handy in the future!

 I set up a business in the UK with a friend, opening our doors for holistic practices and offering children’s pamper parties.  Although this was a success, the arrival of my daughter prompted a move to come back home.  We decided to up sticks and move back to my homeplace here in Co Laois.  It has been a dream for so very long to set up a wellness practice for people to come, relax and have 'some time out' using natural, organic products that benefit Mind, Body and Soul.   Come and see for yourself.  I would love to meet you!

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